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Life Giving Couseling

Our Vision at Life Giving Counseling Services (LGCS) is to create a safe and comfortable space for you to tell your life story by providing a personal connection with someone who will walk alongside you during this part of your life journey.

We aim to serve you with a genuine therapy experience of support and care while inviting you to personal growth.

We build all our sites through WordPress, the world’s most popular website content management platform.
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Project Brief

The Project was a complete redesign of a website we built for Life Giving Counseling a few years ago.  The overall goal was to add a more open and inviting feel while maintaining the counseling “path” theme from the previous site.

A new and modernized logo was created and the leaf design element was incorporated throughout the site.

After keyword research was completed, it was determined that a change in SEO targeting needed to take place. During the project, we identified keyword phrases that allowed the site to utilize on-page tactics that have increased the site’s local search traffic.

Making It Happen for Our Client

Life Giving Counseling Project Web Design
Jennifer Zuck Life Giving Counseling
Life Giving Counseling Logo and Leaf

Web Design Examples

Life Giving Counseling website redesign Meet US
Life Giving Counseling website redesign homepage
Life Giving Counseling website redesign Services

Mobile Design

Life Giving Counseling mobile homepage web design
Life Giving Counseling mobile web design

Client Feedback

Hi, I’m Jenifer, the founder and owner of Life Giving Counseling Services. Kelly from PI Web Development has been with me from the beginning of my practice and has supported me every step of the way. As someone with minimal tech skills, Kelly has been able to educate me and provide the essential services my practice needs. Recently, he completed a web design redo for me that was amazing and modern, and has grown along with my practice in every way. He actively listened, made great recommendations, took my vision for my practice, and made it into a beautiful website that he and I are very proud of. Thank you, Kelly!

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